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Some Quick Thoughts on Forming a New LLC

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Wow. What a feat. A little piece of new life brought into the world with the intentions of highlighting beauty through the event art.

The formation of the Social Artistry LLC represents a blossoming new era. After producing events professionally for 8 years in a handful of U.S. cities (San Diego, San Francisco, New York City, etc), I'm proud to take the next steps in creatively diving deeper into serving and empowering our communities through events.

Social Artistry LLC is my pledge to making this purpose official with my future clients and collaborators. Social Artistry is defined as the channeling of art and creativity towards addressing social issues. As a social artist, we use our creative skills to build with people and organizations in the community to affect change.

My experience has been layered with the intricacies of working with city-wide nonprofits, small businesses, sponsors, elected & community leaders, multi-cultural performers and artists - the list is epically colorful.

Together we listen and provide a platform to serve the needs of our communities through celebration, empowerment, and philanthropy.

Forming this LLC simply meant I wanted to fully dedicate myself to this powerful purpose.

I took some key steps thanks to an ABASD SBDC consultation. They laid out the foundation steps to forming an LLC and helped me map out a course of strategic action.

I want to thank them for believing in this metamorphosis era of mine and I also want to share my deepest gratitude for the supportive groups I'm able to continue building with every year.

The next question matters most; What do you envision we will be able to create together?

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